RAVPower RP-PB237 600 Watts Power Station

169.000 KD


RavPower 600W Power station

Features and Specifications:

  • Portable Power Station
  • Battery pack solar generator with 110V AC outlets
  • 65 Watts PD USB C output
  • Power: 600 Watts
  • Capacity: 192500mAh/712.25W
  • Recharge Ways: Solar Panels, Generator, Wall Outlet, USB-C PD,Car charger
  • Backup Lithium battery pack
  • Dimensions: 9.0×5.7×9.3inch
  • Weight: 13lb
  • Model: RP-PB237
  • Brand: RavPower

In the box:

RAVPower 600W Power station

  • Delivery Within 1 - 2 Days

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Product Description

Are you looking for a powerful, yet portable way to generate electricity? If so, look no further than the RAVPower Portable Power Station 600W. This battery generator is equipped with 180W High-Speed Recharge Technology, which makes it one of the fastest recharging power stations on the market. It can be fully charged in just 3.3 hours via a 120W wall outlet or 60W USB-C PD charger (not included).

This portability power station is perfect for camping, tailgating, or any other situation where you need on-the-go electricity. With a peak output of 1000W, it can handle all of your power needs – even if they are unexpected. And because it is so lightweight and compact, it is easy to take with you wherever you go. Don’t be caught without power again – order your RAVPower Portable Power Station 600W today!

This state-of-the-art power station is perfect for camping trips, tailgates, and even emergency situations. With a capacity of 192500mAh/712.25Wh, it can recharge via solar panels, generators, wall outlets, USB-C PDs, and car chargers. Plus, it features two AC outputs (110V, 600W rated; peak 1000W), two DC outputs (12V/10A), and a USB-C PD output (65W). So whether you need to power up your phone, tablet, laptop, or other small electronics, the RAVPower Portable Power Station has you covered!

The RAVPower Portable Power Station 600W features a self-regulating high temperature protection system that kicks in automatically when the battery input/output power exceeds 100W or the internal temperature rises above 45 degrees Celsius. This ensures that your power generator will always be safe and stable to use. Plus, with an output of 600 watts, this unit can handle just about anything you throw at it.

So don’t be caught without power when you need it most. Pick up a RAVPower Portable Power Station 600W today and be prepared for anything!

Quick Overview:

  • Portable Power Station
  • Battery pack solar generator with 110V AC outlets
  • 65 Watts PD USB C output
  • Backup Lithium battery pack
  • Battery Capacity: 25.9V/27500mAh (712.25Wh)







– Ultra-fast Recharge
– Long Lasting Endurance
– Ultra-light Design for Portability
– MPPT Faster Solar Recharge
– Excellent Safe Protection
– Portable Design which makes it perfect for outdoor adventures

Intelligent LCD Display:

Easily monitor its working status. Does Not Support Devices Rated over 600W such as microwaves, hair dryers, toasters, hot plate

Multiple Recharge Options:

– Wall outlet
– Solar panel
– Generator

712Wh Mega Capacity:

– Phone (10Wh): 57 charges
– Laptop (40Wh): 14 charges
– Switch (16Wh): 34 charges
– Drone (60Wh): 9 charges
– Projector (50Wh): 11 hours
– 32" TV (60Wh): 9 hours
– Electric Blanket (206Wh): 2.9 hours
– Car Fridge (40Wh): 15 hours
– PAP Machine (40Wh): 15 hours

Charge 9 Devices at the Same Time:

– 1 x USB-C (1) Port: PD 65W Max.
– 1 x USB-C (2) Port: 5V share 3A Max.
– 1 x USB-A (1) Port: 5V share 3A Max.
– 1 x USB-A (2) Port: QC 18W Max.
– 2 x AC Ports: 220-240V/50Hz
– 2 x DC Ports: 12V/10A
– 1 x Car Outlet: 12V/10A

What's in the Box:

– 1 x RAVPower Portable Power Station
– 1 x 120W Adapter
– 1 x Type-C to Type-C Charging Cable
– 1 x User Manual


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