Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver (GRAY)

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Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver

Two-speed torque precise control, discover unlimited possibilities

Two-speed torque adjustable

Magnetic storage container

24 x S2 steel precision screwdriving bits

400+ precision screws on one full charge


Push pop-up , magnetic Storage

Classic award-winning design

The Mi Precision Screwdriver has won five international design awards; namely the iF, Red Dot, Japan Good Design, IDEA and Chicago Good Design awards. The Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver uses the same popup design, featuring a convenient, push-to-release mechanism.

The image on the left shows the Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver, and the image on the right shows the Mi Precision Screwdriver. This image is used only to illustrate the different dimensions of the two products.



24 x S2 steel precision screwdriving bits in 9 major types

The 24 x high-quality S2 tool steel screwdriving bits are durable and tough and have a hardness of up to 60HRC.

The 24 types of precision screwdriving bit are ideal for dismantling and assembling most standard electronics and new small household appliances.



6 commonly used 45mm long screwdriving bitsfor complex deep-hole applications

6 commonly used screwdriving bits out of the 24 are 45mm long for use in a wide range of complex applications, such as deep holes and narrow spaces.



Intuitive button design

Soft touch with effortless pressing

Learn how to use it in no time at all: Simply press the front R button to screw in and the rear L button to unscrew. The button is made of TPU soft rubber and requires soft finger pressure, which conserves your energy when operating for a long time.



Low centre of gravity for greater control

Non-slip texture for easy grip

The internal structure of the main body of the screwdriver has been adjusted over and over to provide a balanced centre of gravity and improved handling. The 3D non-slip texture on the grip increases friction for a more secure hold of the screwdriver during use.


Universal Type-C charging port

Worry-free charging alert indicator

The Type-C charging port is compatible with charging cables of popular electronic products, making charging more convenient. The indicators next to the charging port instantly alert you when the battery is low and display the charging status.


13 battery safety tests and 3 charging safety protection features for enhanced safety

  • External short circuit test at room temperature
  • Overcharge test
  • Temperature cycling test
  • Forced discharge test
  • Low pressure test
  • Thermal abuse test
  • External short circuit test at high temperature
  • Vibration test
  • Crush test
  • Drop test
  • Acceleration impact test
  • Heavy weight impact test
  • Combustion test
  • Overheating charging protection
  • Overvoltage charging protection
  • Overcurrent charging protection



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