70mai Dash Cam M500

39.900 KD

Smart Driving Assistant Beyond Recording

  • 1944P Resolution & HDR
  • 24H Smart Parking Surveillance
  • Built-In GPS & GLONASS
  • Expanded ADAS
  • eMMC Built-in Storage
  • TPMS Compatible
  • Delivery Within 1 - 2 Days

Availability: In stock

What You’d Expect from a Quality Dash Cam


70mai Night Owl Vision

With HDR* imaging and a F2.0 large aperture that pulls in more light, the M500 ensures crisp, well-illuminated images in low-light and high-contrast environments by automatically adjusting exposure and reducing noise.

*High Dynamic Range



24H Smart Parking Surveillance* with Car Battery Protection

Your car is in good hands while you’re away.

If the built-in G-sensor detects any sudden shakes or collisions, the M500 will automatically start recording to capture any potential incidents.

If an emergency video is recorded, the dash cam will notify you with a voice alert after it’s turned back on.

With car battery protection**, you won’t have to worry about the dash cam draining your car battery while your car is parked.

*The 70mai hardwire kit is required and is sold separately.

**In case of low car battery voltage, the dash cam will be turned off automatically to protect car battery.



Time-Lapse Recording*

Time-lapse recording enables true 24-h parking surveillance: every 30 minutes of footage is compressed into one minute, so you can keep your camera on all night

**without using too much storage space.

With faster playbacks, you can catch noteworthy events quickly, too.

*The 70mai hardwire kit is required and is sold separately.

**Car battery protection applies to time-lapse recording as well.



Expanded Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Act ahead with ADAS: it detects your surroundings and voice alerts to safety concerns.

The M500 comes with expanded ADAS alerts include lane departure, forward collision, moving traffic, and pedestrian collision.

Notably, the pedestrian collision AI algorithm enables quick and accurate detection of both pedestrians and cyclists within the M500’s field of view and gives you timely warnings to prevent accidents.

More Stable GPS & GLONASS Positioning

The M500’s positioning system receives signals from both GPS & GLONASS satellites, enabling stable and accurate positioning even in areas prone to signal obstruction.

Trip data* includes time, speed (km/h, mph), and coordinates—crucial for roadside assistance and insurance claims in case of an accident.

*Your data will always be kept confidential and location tracking can be turned off anytime in the 70mai app.



Enhanced Reliability, Safety, and Convenience

No Memory Card

With the eMMC 5.1 built-in storage, you no longer need a separate memory card.

The M500’s maximum read/write speeds of 230MB/s and 150MB/s also help you avoid common issues such as frame-skipping and memory card errors.


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